Welcome to The Exercise Coach - River Oaks. Locally owned and operated by Esty Merlo, we are proud to support our community by fostering healthy lifestyles. We understand that life is busy and demanding, making it difficult to maintain a healthy regiment. Here at The Exercise Coach - River Oaks, we are energized to help!

Phillip Riley

Personal Trainer

Phillip has been with The Exercise Coach Houston development since 2014. With a background in science and a love for fitness The Exercise Coach was the perfect fit. His passion for helping people achieve their fitness goals is his motivation. He believes with proper nutrition and “right intensity training” those goals can be attained. Customers can attest to his passion by the results they achieve and the focus he places on their workouts. “Muscle quality over movement quantity” is definitely his motto and he would love to demonstrate that paradigm to you.

Helen Dean

Personal Trainer

Helen hails from the UK and has a lifelong passion for fitness, health and nutrition. She is a qualified yoga teacher, has more than 20 years ’experience in coaching, personal development, has nutrition qualifications and is a certified fitness professional. Helen’s coaching style is high energy, super motivational and she pays detailed attention to each client’s personal goals and desired outcomes. She guarantees you will have the workout of your life every time you come to the Studio!

Kris Best

Personal Trainer

Kris comes from a small town in Texas and is currently majoring in Kinesiology and Nutrition at the University of Houston. Through hard work, sacrifice and dedication he has overcome many obstacles. Some of Kris’ biggest accomplishments have been becoming a successful natural bodybuilder, collegiate cheerleader, published fitness model and strength & conditioning coach. With over four years of experience in creating lifestyle changes for athletes, as well as those who are just looking to become healthier, he’s the right Coach for you!

Austin Mousner

Personal Trainer

Austin is a Houston native who is working on an undergraduate degree in business from Sam Houston State University.  Fitness has always been a part of his life playing football in high school and being a part of the weightlifting team.  He is right at home at the Exercise Coach partnering with clients to reach their goals, and helping them push toward achieving a healthy lifestyle.  
"One of my greatest passions in life is people, and at The Exercise Coach I get to meet influential, unique, and inspiring people everyday.  I look forward to going to work everyday and helping people reach their goals, because I as a coach am inspired by them to reach my goals." 
Certifications: Certified Exercise Coach
Interests: Friends, sports, hunting, fishing, weightlifting

Justin Padilla

Personal Trainer

Justin is a native of Texas City, Tx. He is the Studio Manager of The Exercise Coach of River Oaks. With over 5 years experience in the Health and Fitness Industry, Justin has seen a variety of different training styles and techniques. Here at The Exercise Coach he can say that he has become a part of the most innovative and impactful methods of training yet. As he likes to say, The Exercise Coach truly puts the 'Personal' in Personal Training!
Sports were always a passion growing up, but he has recently shifted his focus towards competitive Bodybuilding. He is an aspiring physique competitor so he understands the importance of celebrating the small victories every step along the way, as well as the hard work it takes to accomplish your goals. He will insure to keep you motivated and inspired while progressing towards your goals of becoming stronger and healthier to achieve what may have once felt unattainable. "I'll believe in you, for you, on the days when you might not fully believe in yourself." 
Interests: All sports, Cooking, Guitar, Competitive Bodybuilding
Certifications: ACT - CPT ; Certified Exercise Coach

Neema Patel

Personal Trainer

Neema was born and raised in Fort Worth, TX and moved to Houston 4 years ago to attend the University of Houston. She is currently completing her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology- Exercise Sciences and minor in Nutrition- Health Sciences. Fitness and health has consistently played a major influence in her life and she strives to apply her knowledge and experience to help train clients to their peak potential. 
Neema's training technique is full of high energy, constant attention to details and exercises which are tailored to individually meet each client's needs. Her resources at The Exercise Coach allow her to incorporate creative routines with a smarter way of exercising that go beyond the traditional aspects of working out. Neema will keep you motivated to target and transcend your personal fitness goals. 
Certifications: Certified Exercise Coach
Interests: Dancing, Sports, and Good Company

Daya Butcher

Personal Trainer

Born in San Antonio, and raised in the Texas Hill Country, Daya currently resides in Houston, Texas. When she was 18, she discovered her love for health and wellness and decided to pursue her passion. She concentrates on personal training with a one-on-one focus to optimize individual clients energy, fitness and health.

Daya's objective everyday to listen to, educate, support and empower everyone she works with. At the Exercise Coach, she is professionally certified and is truly committed to helping clients achieve a healthy and balanced life.
Certifications: Exercise Coach Certified
Interests: Yoga, Pilates, Train for a Triathlon, and Full time mom

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